[CentOS] iTunes on CentOS?? [Solved]

Mon Apr 19 20:40:45 UTC 2010
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 4/19/2010 3:18 PM, Craig White wrote:
>>>>> Specifically current iTunes (9.x.x and even previous 8.x.x versions) do
>>>>> not have a problem finding/using my Linux based mt-daapd server but of
>>>>> course this does not have anything to do with actually trying to run
>>>>> iTunes software under wine or subscribing to podcasts with URL's hostile
>>>>> to everything but iTunes.
>>>> Are there subscription-friendly podcasts and software that don't involve
>>>> itunes?  I'm more interested in knowing how this might work directly
>>>> from an android phone (which I don't have yet), but anything that could
>>>> replace the cycle of updating on itunes then having to sync an ipod to
>>>> that specific device would be good to know.
>>> ----
>>> of course, and just to verify, I used my android to go to
>>> http://www.thisamericanlife.com and they have 2 podcast URL's - 1 for
>>> itunes and one for everything else and it worked just fine (the other).
>>> I think that people are starting to figure out that delivering Apple
>>> proprietary content is good for Apple but not for the general public.
>> Just to be clear, I don't mean places where you can download mp3's
>> through a link, I mean something where you can subscribe to a feed and
>> have the software automatically download new copies as they appear, add
>> them to a playlist, and optionally delete them after playing.  When I'm
>> driving, I just want to select the playlist and always have the most
>> recent subscribed and unplayed item at the top - without any
>> intervention other than the initial subscription.
> ----
> I'm not sure what's available on android to subscribe/download but using
> the web browser (which you can bookmark), I was able to go to the
> subscription url and it downloaded the current podcast and played it -
> as mentioned above. I said 2 podcast URL's - I didn't realize that I
> would have to repeat that.

The question is as much about the state of the art in non-itunes 
software as the content sources.  With itunes, I can subscribe to some 
feeds and new items will be automatically downloaded when available and 
can be deleted after listening, and they can be included in a playlist 
that can be sorted by timestamps.  Then when I connect an ipod it can 
automatically sync this playlist, including bringing back the 'listened' 
status for subsequent deletion on the computer.  By naming the playlist 
so it is at the top on the ipod I can click the default items a few 
times without looking and always get the newest podcast - which has 
pretty much replaced all other content listening when I'm driving alone 
(my wife isn't thrilled by technical talk...).

I'm hoping that my next phone will be able to do this at least as 
conveniently by itself without the sync-to-computer step but it doesn't 
seem likely unless there is computer based software other than itunes 
that does it.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com