[CentOS] iTunes on CentOS?? [Solved]

Tue Apr 20 14:28:32 UTC 2010
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 04/19/2010 09:00 PM Les Mikesell wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
>> In reality, what you are asking for seems superfluous... you just keep a
>> bookmark of some podcast url and when you go there, it starts playing
>> the stream, you never have to actually store the podcast (and then have
>> to manage transfer from computer to device, delete old, etc.) and thus
>> the Apple methodology seems to be rather convoluted (and analog) by
>> comparison... but hey, that's just my opinion.
> That's not really the same.  I subscribe to several different podcasts that 
> update on different schedules.  They are mostly tech-news related so I always 
> want to listen to the most recent, going on to older material as I catch up. 
> And since I listen in the car I'd prefer to have the content pre-loaded and 
> sorted appropriately in a playlist so it doesn't take any fiddling to play.  The 
> itunes->ipod scheme gets the details right automatically, including remembering 
> the position in an older but unfinished piece and deleting after the content has 
> been heard or skipped.  The piece I'd like to eliminate is the need to sync 
> daily to a specific computer to make it work - but so far haven't seen any other 
> software that gets the concepts right.

What kind of player do you have in your car that you can play podcasts
(even though they might require syncing)?

And what tech podcasts do you tune into?

(Though I've been getting podcasts to my home PC, playing them in the
car sounds like a move I should consider.)