[CentOS] Help with NFSV4 server

Wed Apr 21 11:47:03 UTC 2010
Kahlil Hodgson <kahlil.hodgson at dealmax.com.au>

Hi Clint

I've got NFS4 running on F11 and your configuration looks fine to me.

> {The Client}
> [root at silver ~]# cat /etc/idmapd.conf
> [General]
> ...
> [Mapping]
> Nobody-User = nfsnobody
> Nobody-Group = nfsnobody

You may want to check that nfsnobody is defined on your system and
rpc.idmapd is actually running.  Also the output from rpcinfo might help.

>>From /etc/fstab
> inf1:/ /test nfs4
> auto,rw,nodev,sync,_netdev,proto=tcp,retry=10,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,hard,intr
> 0 0

I'd probably want to keep things simple while you are testing. Perhaps
cut this back to:

inf1:/ /test rw,noatime,sync,hard,intr  0 0

Running tcpdump at both ends while you try to do a directory listing may
provide some insight (which process is waiting for a response from whom)

Err grasping at straws ... you may also want to check for any old stuff
you may have in /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}.

Hope this helps,