[CentOS] scripting CPAN installs

Wed Apr 21 16:02:32 UTC 2010
Alan McKay <alan.mckay at gmail.com>

> If you are going to put any work into it yourself, you really should set
> up a local yum repo and either copy in rpms from epel/rpmforge if they
> exist or use a CPAN->rpm tool to build them if they don't or you want
> something newer.  Then installing on any target machine is just "yum
> install list_of_packages" which is easy to script and will always have
> reproducible results.

I'm leaning pretty heavily in this directly actually, just given how
little progress I'm making with CPAN itself.   Next step I guess is to
see if all my packages are available in RPMs.

The only downside I see of this approach is that it becomes far more
complex in a non-homogenous environment.   We're almost all on Centos
5 at this point, but we do still have a few dribs and drabs of other
things out there.  But still I think it will be managable.

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