[CentOS] Problem shuting down server.

Sat Apr 24 10:29:45 UTC 2010
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 23/04/10 21:32, Enrique Verdes escribió:
> Have Centos 5.3 installed in a HP ML110 server. After cloning disk using
> Clonezilla, if I issue a shutdown -h now, or any other command to shut
> down the server (i.e. init 0 or poweroff), instead of shutting down the
> server reboots.
> I googled but could't find any answer. ¿Does anybody has a clue about
> why this is happening?

Try adding acpi=force to the kernel boot parameters. This uses to work 
in machines not finishing shutting down and stay in "system halted" message.

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