[CentOS] System Resources Graphing

Mon Apr 26 16:38:39 UTC 2010
Matt <lm7812 at gmail.com>

> Take a look at the "sysstat" package which will collect data over
> time.  There's a java-based desktop app called "kSar" that can use
> this data to generate graphs.

I have sysstats already but want a graphing.  ksar sounds appealing.
I do not have physical access to this server so I need to access ksar
through http on the server.  Does it support that?  Googling for the
answer on how to do this but not finding what I want yet.


> There are also other options, such as SNMP monitoring, Cacti, etc...
>> Is there a package I can get that will graph system resources such as
>> CPU and disk I/O to an html file or something?