[CentOS] vmware-server-console not installed

Tue Apr 27 00:18:45 UTC 2010
John Thomas <gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com>

Agnello George wrote:
> I had installed the vmware server ( VMware-server-2.0.1-156745.i386 ) on
> my CentOS 5 box how ever i am not able to  to find the command
> vmware-server-console . Do i need to install that RPM separately .

The console app is a Firefox plugin, but I extract the app and run it 
separately and find that solution (hack?) much better.

 From memory, here is how you do that:
   1. Get a copy of vmware-vmrc-linux-x86.xpi (mine was in 
   2. Rename the file to vmware-vmrc-linux-x86.xpi.zip
   3. Unzip the file

Now run vmware-vmrc or pass some info like capitalized below:
vmware-vmrc -h HOST:PORT -u USER -p PASSWORD

John Thomas