[CentOS] vmware-server-console not installed

Tue Apr 27 17:20:53 UTC 2010
Gary Greene <ggreene at minervanetworks.com>

On 4/27/10 9:53 AM, "Brian Mathis" <brian.mathis at gmail.com> wrote:
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>>> You don't need to downgrade for the whole OS, you can just do it for
>>> VMware.  See the procedure in the first comment in this bug
>>> http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=3884.  I have done that and it
>>> works fine.  Just remember that if you update vmware, the edits to
>>> vmware-hostd will be undone, so you need to redo them.
>> I'm not "downgrading the whole OS" only GLibC, Timezone, and NSCD packages.
>> Once I did that, the latest version of VMWare Server loads just fine.
> Seeing as glibc is one of the most used and most critical libraries in
> the system, downgrading to an older version of it most certainly has
> the effect of downgrading almost every package on the system.
> I'm not talking about whatever OS version (5.3, 5.4, etc...) you think
> you're running (that not a real thing anyway as packages all exist at
> different versions).  If there's an update to glibc that's security
> related, by downgrading the system-wide version you're reintroducing
> the problem to all packages on the system.  This is why it's better to
> isolate the downgraded library to just VMware until it gets fixed to
> use the updated
> The version number of any package or OS is arbitrary -- you need to
> understand the effect of what you're doing beyond the version number.
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Please don't quote to me the "full effect" mantra you're going on about
here, I don't need treated as though I'm some fresh college kid that only
started using Linux. I've been doing Linux systems level programming and
distribution development for a VERY long time, and have a fairly extensive
knowledge about what _can_ and _cannot_ break a box with regards to
downgrading core libraries.

The particular packages I rolled back to are the last set of packages for
5.3. The vulnerabilities that were fixed in GLibC for 5.4 were not too
damaging as they require _local_ access anyway, and since NO VM host should
ever be internet accessible (I did not say that the guest OS cannot be, only
the host), this should be fine for now.

Based off the other emails in this thread, it is worrying to me that VMWare
decided to drop the VMWare Server product. However, from a resources
perspective, I can understand as ESXi shares much more code with current
products than VMWare Server did.

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