[CentOS] Kernel Or Hardwar e

Tue Apr 27 20:18:10 UTC 2010
Simon Billis <simon at houxou.com>


cahit Eyigünlü sent a missive on 2010-04-27:

> i have seen many times the given error, there was no log about error.

You really need to put the error here if you want people to help you. You're not making it easy for us to assist you.

> Beside this my machine never uses swap i realize that when i have last 
> 500 Mb ram it get this error and after using 5Gb of 8 Gb it decreasing 
> like plane crash :)
> I've found this form and it is the same with my error :
> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=913156

If I was you I would follow the advice given here - first split the decompression and the tar operation. The you'll know where it is failing. I would also check the memory as this post suggested.

> There could be a hardware problem i am not sure ,  i see this error at 
> least one time in a day. Do you have an advice ?

Yes, provide more information about _your_ problem in your posts, do not send html emails, do not top post, follow the advice given in the post you referred to.

> unluckeyly i have found only one people who has the same error with me
> :) and his machine is also same with mine :D