[CentOS] how to reroute all ADSL traffic via another server on the internet?

Wed Apr 28 14:31:00 UTC 2010
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Rudi Ahlers <rudiahlers at gmail.com>
> Does anyone know, if it's possible to reroute all (i.e. HTTP / 
> FTP / DNS / SMTP / POP3 / IMAP / etc) from an ADSL connected 
> machine via another server, which is currently hosted with IS and 
> has full internet access?
> i.e. Can I setup another machine, on a different public IP than the
> dynamic ADSL IP as default gw? OR do I need todo something on 
> that machine to work as a router for such a setup?

Maybe you wann have a look at: http://lartc.org/howto/