[CentOS] i can't install centos on my poweredge 2950

Eric Doutreleau Eric.Doutreleau at it-sudparis.eu
Wed Aug 25 15:56:16 UTC 2010

well i transfer the initrd on another computer and i can see the 
megaraid_sas module.

another strange
when i install with DVd it works like a charm :(
but i would like to install my server with cobbler with all the task in 
my kickstart done.
that s really very very strange

during the boot process
the disk are reckoknized as the system can say that the swap partition 
in on /dev/root/LogVol01
but it says that /dev/root/LogVol00 where is the root partition has no 
block device.
i rerun the mkinird while booting in recue mode but i got the same result.
the nash script seems ok
i guess the problems is that the lvm is not correctly detected

Le 24/08/2010 20:57, James Hogarth a écrit :
> initrd for that kernel ok for all the required modules?
> On 24 Aug 2010 09:53, "Eric Doutreleau"<Eric.Doutreleau at it-sudparis.eu>
> wrote:
>> well
>> yes the drive is bootable as i can boot from it
>> it s when the kernel need to find the root device that it s the problem
>> it s like it can't find the volume group
>> Le 23/08/2010 15:44, m.roth at 5-cent.us a écrit :
>>> Eric Doutreleau wrote:
>>>> i m trying to install centos5 on my poweredge 2950 with no luck.
>>>> the raid controler is LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 1078 (rev
> 04)
>>>> indeed all is going fine during the installation but when i reboot the
>>>> server panic
>>>> the first error i got is this one
>>>> error mounting /dev/root on /sysroot as ext3: block device required
>>>> it seems that it can't find the /dev/root devices.
>>>> but when i boot in rescue mode the / partition is found without any
>>>> problem. i can chroot in it
>>> Does the PERC controller know that the drive you want to boot off of is
>>> bootable? Have you<ctrl-r>'d into the controller before boot, and then
>>> gone to control (there's virtual disks, PD, and the third thing, I forget
>>> exactly what it's called, but I'll be able to tell you later today), and
>>> down on the bottom, just to the right of center, it displays the bootable
>>> drive. Though it doesn't *look* like it, if you tab down there and down
>>> arrow, it will display choices....
>>> Oh, and you did note that no matter how you set it up, it *ALWAYS* wants
>>> slots 2&  3 to be RAID group 0, and the drives in slots 0 and 1 to be
>>> group 2?
>>> Oh, yes, and it also *REFUSES* to display any drive that's not raided,
>>> even if you want your boot and root on a drive that's not raided....
>>> I decided Friday that this *thing* was designed and signed off on by
>>> two-toothed idiots with IQs around 57, decended from generations of the
>>> same who couldn't manage to run a farm, whose ancestors came to the US by
>>> selling themselves as indentured servants, who once they were here were
>>> *fired* because they were too stupid to follow directions....
>>> mark "would you like me to *really* tell you how I feel about them?"
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