[CentOS] /bin/su wont work inside a chroot?

Mon Aug 2 04:38:43 UTC 2010
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Sun, 2010-08-01 at 17:35 -0700, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On 08/01/2010 12:28 PM, JohnS wrote:
> > That's is also because his echoed "0" context is not active yet.  It
> > requires a reboot every time I have done it.
> No, rebooting will reset any changes made to files in /selinux.

What I meant was totally shutting it down. The service then reboot.
Factually a machine under high load I have seen parts of /proc not get
read.  That I can show if you want to see it.

> > No matter how hard you try in a default EL4 or 5 instance you will never
> > get logged into an apache account.  Root or Not...  Unless you change
> > the login shell..or exploit it...
> It's not hard, you just have to specify a shell to use:
> # su - apache -s /bin/bash

That is if the shell is specified.  By default it is not and that was
what was brought up.