[CentOS] DHCP problem with virtual interfaces

Thu Aug 12 08:51:03 UTC 2010
Simone Caldana <simone.caldana at criticalpath.net>

Il giorno 11/ago/2010, alle ore 20.31, Simone Caldana ha scritto:
> I am collecting port 67 traffic on the dhcp server since this afternoon. I hope to be able to find out more.

further testing revealed that dhclient really asks for the wrong ip (but always sends the client-identifier), and this is due to the poisoned leases file. I am now using /dev/null as leases file for all the virtual dhclients, but I wonder if this disables the entire "keep the old lease" system (which I don't really need) or it simply stays only in memory, which won't really solve the problem.

Simone Caldana