[CentOS] NTFS is more resilient than ext3? Or is it hardware issue?

Thu Aug 12 09:08:41 UTC 2010
Juergen Gotteswinter <jg at internetx.de>


ext3 is very reliable, i never had such issues (fsck after a power 
failure, yes... but no data loss). so i whould say its a hardware issue.


On 08/12/2010 10:55 AM, Fajar Priyanto wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I don't mean to incite debate or something, just want to share
> experience and a little curiosity.
> Back long time ago, we have an old file MS W2K (NTFS) server where due
> no admin was available to manage it, the server would get power off
> when the office closed, and auto power on again in the morning. That
> thing happened for years and it was fine ^^
> Recently, I setup a Centos 5.5 file server with ext3 and got power
> blackout twice and I notice the filesystem got corrupted and also bad
> sectors.
> Is it just pure random luck, software or hardware issue?
> What's your experience?
> Thank you.
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