[CentOS] Is oprofile still working?

Mon Aug 16 09:36:46 UTC 2010
Mindaugas Riauba <ml at kilimas.com>

>> I notice that you're on 32-bit while I'm on x86_64. That may or may
>> not be
>> relevant. I don't have any 32-bit machines around to test on though.
> Maybe this is the problem then.
> What we need is someone else to report that oprofile works on a 32-bit
> machine to confirm that I'm totally jinxed :-)

  Check https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=467651

  It looks like in CentOS oprofile is built against older version of
binutils. When I installed the same version of binutils and oprofile
from RHEL - everything started to work.