[CentOS] Need tip on an inexpensive printer for college student using CentOS 5.5

Mon Aug 16 23:23:42 UTC 2010
Utt, Lyle <Lyle.Utt at oregonstate.edu>

I run a Brother HL-2040 by usb cable at home.
Works fine out of the box.

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  On 08/16/10 4:06 PM, Bob McConnell wrote:
> Many of the low end HP laser printers have Postscript built in, so Linux
> can talk directly to them. Otherwise, I use CUPS with Gutenprint to do
> the translation. If you can stretch the budget, even the CP1518ni Color
> Laserjet is often available for less then $300. After you factor in the
> cost of ink vs. toner, the laser comes out costing less in the long run.

USB printers are more likely to require special drivers.  Ethernet 
printers less likely.

However...   Many campuses have restrictions on attaching ethernet 
devices, like the CSU campus my kid goes to, you have to register your 
laptop or PC by its MAC address, you can't connect a switch or anything 
else to the dorm ethernet jacks, just one PC/laptop per port (and they 
have one port per bunk in the dorms).   Under these conditions, using an 
ethernet printer would be problematic, and require disconnecting the 
computer from the 'house' network, and plugging it directly into the 
printer, likely with a crossover cable, and reconfiguring the network, 
yada yada.    blah!

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