[CentOS] The system is pseudo dead when hang-up system in the centos 5.3 .

Fri Aug 20 13:07:23 UTC 2010
fred smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 08:55:56PM +0800, ganu MailList wrote:
> When I hang-up the system,  then the screem is black.  But the power light
> is brightness.   and the disk light is bright sometimes.
> When I press any key,  the screem is still black.    Only can do is to press
> down power button for several seconds to power off the notebook.   Is there
> the bug of the Centos?

Hard to say. Next time it happens you could try one or more of these steps:
--press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE and see if you get back to the GUI login screen.
  if that doesn't work, you could try:
--CTRL-ALT-F1 (or F2 or F3) which (if the machine isn't totally dead)
  should take you to a text mode login screen. if so, you could log in
  from there and do "shutdown -r now" to reboot the system.
--if it is on a LAN and you have another working computer, you could try
  using SSH to log into it and if successful restart as in the item above.
--there are also various recipes for doing a relatively clean shutdown of
  a non-responsive system involving the "magic sysreq" key. I don't happen
  to have the details handy, but some googling for that phrase will surely
  turn up many of them.

Good luck!
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