[CentOS] Cannot set MTU != 1500 on Intel NIC

Mon Aug 23 16:22:15 UTC 2010
Timo Schoeler <timo.schoeler at riscworks.net>

>> 0d:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82573E Gigabit Ethernet
>> Controller (Copper) (rev 03)
> http://download.intel.com/design/network/specupdt/82573.pdf
>     17 ASPM/Jumbo Frames Disabled Due to Early Receive Threshold Overrun
>        Buffer
>     Status: Intel does not plan to resolve this erratum in the 82573
>        Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Jumbo frames is not supported in
>        82573E/V&  is supported with the workaround above in 82573L.

Interestingly, I somewhere got the same PDF (from the intel site) that 
required a password -- and didn't investigate further on your link. Now, 
out of curiosity, I did...

> You'll have to use different hardware.  The chipset you've got has a
> bug, and jumbo frame support is disabled as a result.

...and yes, you're right.

I'm amused about PeeCee hardware (sorry, only half of a pun intended)... 
There's those two NICs on board of a *server* grade machine, a 82573E 
and a 82573L. One of them is just *broken* (see above).