[CentOS] Opinions wanted...user management options....Home network

Fri Dec 17 17:27:14 UTC 2010
David Sommerseth <dazo at users.sourceforge.net>

On 17/12/10 16:55, Tom Bishop wrote:
> So I need some opinions on which way to go, for my home network I am
> running almost all linux, and I am starting to want to manage all of the
> users accounts, uid/gids for all of the devices some of which are
> laptops...so what is the best path going forward, on the server end I am
> running Centos5.5 and will be moving to centos 6 once it is
> released...the laptops and desktops run various flavors of
> Ubuntu/Fedora..Thanks in advanced, if there are any questions let me
> know....

Install the centos-ds suite.  That'll give you a great directory server,
accessible via LDAP.  Then you can consider to setup a kerberos server
as well, where you can easily do single sign-on between your hosts as well.

centos-ds is the rebranded Red Hat Directory server, also available in
Fedora as 389 Directory Server.  So the docs for setting up and
administering it shouldn't be too far away.

kind regards,

David Sommerseht