[CentOS] Routing issue between 2 LANs

Sun Dec 19 19:31:34 UTC 2010
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 19/12/10 20:23, Les Mikesell escribió:
> On 12/19/10 12:15 PM, Jose Maria Terry Jimenez wrote:
>>> First make sure that you can ping/access those 'other' services from the centos
>>> box with 2 nics.   It should source from the .236 interface and 'just work'.  If
>>> not, you have firewalls or something else blocking traffic.   When you route
>>> other traffic from the .1 network, the destination machines need some reason to
>>> send the return packets to the address.  You can either add the
>>> route to every machine or on the router that is currently their default router.
>> Thank you Les,
>> Yes, i can ping/access those 'other' services from the CentOS box with 2 NICs.
>> I understand that i need, for example in a networked printer in 236. network a 'return' route. I definitely have no access to configure network on every machine in the 236 network (only a few), nor the router...
>> This can't be solved any other way?
> The only other way to get the packets to return to the right place would be to
> use iptables to NAT routed packets to the interface.  If you only
> need to establish connections in one direction, that should work.

Yes, mainly i need to connect from 1. to 236., so i'll look at that 


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