[CentOS] Graphing System Load MRTG

Tue Dec 21 18:41:37 UTC 2010
John Jasen <jjasen at realityfailure.org>

On 12/21/2010 11:09 AM, Matt wrote:
> I check system load like so:
> [root at server cron.daily]# w
>  10:07:33 up 4 days, 15:01,  2 users,  load average: 4.22, 3.17, 3.09
> I would like to to graph the 3.17 5 minute average with MRTG.  Anyone
> know of some examples of doing this?

The easy way or the hard way?

The easy way:

You take the snmpget command someone else previously provided, convert
it to the oid, add it to the appropriate place in your mrtg.cfg (If I
recall correctly).

The hard way:

use one of the shell scripts provided, cat /proc/loadavg, or your perl
script to grab the values, figure out how to stuff them into rrdtool,
then figure out how to convince mrtg to render the resulting rrd files.

Really, the best way is to install cacti, and be done with it, as others
have suggested.

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