[CentOS] Moving from Fedora -- Advice??

Tue Dec 21 20:13:10 UTC 2010
Beartooth <beartooth at comcast.net>

On Sat, 18 Dec 2010 01:11:49 +0800, Guenther Boelter wrote:

> On 12/18/2010 01:04 AM, Beartooth wrote:
>> 	I'm running Fedora14 on all machines, including my wife's -- and
>> I'm the nearest (distant) thing there is to tech support.
> What's wrong with Fedora in that case, what do you think is the benefit
> of using CentOS instead?

	Fair question, for which thanks.

	First off, Les Mikesell's point below. I keep fairly near 
current, installing new Fedora releases a week to a month after they come 
out, chiefly because that's when I have the best chance that some 
Friendly Alpha Plus Technoid (FAPT) will notice any Very Dumb Question 
(VDQ) of mine. All that takes a lot of time and mental effort -- which 
she, being more outdoor oriented (as I used to be), has no interest in. 
I'm getting almighty tired of it myself, despite my interest.

	What's more, as a linguist and erstwhile mathematician, and one 
who's been following lists, LUGs, etc., etc., for a dozen years, I've 
picked up enough of the argot to ask questions in relatively brief and 
not totally unfamiliar ways -- enough so that most do usually get read. 
That's another interest she leaves to me.

	Also, a side-effect of using the argot is that many or most of 
those who reply overestimate my actual savvy -- as is true of maybe half 
the ten posts in this thread so far. (The ratio is substantially more 
favorable here than in many of my electronic hang-outs, I'm glad to say.) 
Then I have to ask for elucidations. Nothing wrong with that, while I 
last, but still more reason to find her something that she'll have far 
less occasion to ask about.

	For the likes of me, whether Fedora "breaks things" is a very 
oversimplified question. Maybe, despite my greater interest and 
experience (than my wife's, at least), *I'm* breaking most of them -- 
certainly some. (I do tinker, trying to emulate an amorous porcupine the 
while ...)

 	I'll stop here for now, just because this is getting long.

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