[CentOS] I/O size distribution?

Wed Dec 22 21:08:17 UTC 2010
Antonello Piemonte <apiemont at googlemail.com>

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I had a look at systemtap but I have the feeling that in it's current
state it is aimed more at kernel developers rather than average admins
like me :-)

Still, I'll keep an eye on it also give the fact that there seem to be
now new documentation being written about it


On the other end, I have discovered blktrace and related tools, and
this seems more palatable to me (subjective, I know ...). This example
in particular seems to work for me

# blktrace /dev/sda -a issue -a complete -w 60 -o - | blkiomon -I 4 -h -

thought to share in case anyone finds it useful.