[CentOS] Intel NIC

Thu Dec 23 16:02:40 UTC 2010
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

>>> I can confirm the socket/cpu limitation is at least 8, at least on
>>> ESXi 3.x. I have an 8 core IBM x445 running on a free license. :-)
>> The free and essentials licensing is restricted to max 2 sockets, max 6
>> cores a socket.
> The vSphere Essentials license is limited to 3 servers of 2 sockets w/
> 6core CPU's each. I have two sites right now running on licensed
> editions.


> The ESX/ESXi host is limited to a maximum of 32 logical (sockets x
> cores x hyperthreading) CPUs. The free license only allows access
> through the vSphere client and all other features such as
> vMotion/vStorage/HA are disabled. Otherwise the host's hardware limits
> are the same.

All the nifty VMware features are technically bound to the existance and
functioning of a vCenter Server. It's all controlled by it and without one
(reboot, failure, whatever) the VMs will go on running but no vMotion, HA
or DRS will work. This is the case for whatever vSphere product and
feature set you choose. Of course, beyond the 60 days trial period the
vCenter Server must be licensed as well the required number of physical

The named vSphere Essentials license does not cover vMotion and HA, not to
speak about Storage vMotion. Neccessary to choose at least vSphere
Essentials Plus.


> Drew