[CentOS] installing with speech?

Sun Dec 26 00:47:24 UTC 2010
mike cutie and maia <mstopka at centurytel.net>

Do you have any ideas who I could get in touch with to do this? I wood love
to help to get a version made for the blind 

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On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 2:11 PM, mike cutie and maia
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> Hi am blind and wonder if there is a way to install cent with speech?

What an interesting idea. As someone who's done work with blind and
deaf experiemental subjects, you've raised my interest.

The answer is "not easily". It's possible to use a remote serial
connection to navigate through the installation options, tied to a
text to speech synthesizer and appropriate keyboard or speecto to text
controller. That would require a separate system with the speech to
text tools, such as the Dragon company's software, and the ability to
reliably handle the text commands. Since the text installer involves a
lot of hitting the "tab" key to bounce from line to line, even in the
pure text mode, it wouldn't be simple.

I suggest that you'd be better off collaborating with a competent RHEL
or CentOS administrator to tune a kickstart file to your needs, and
use that to deploy a pre-structured operating system configuration.
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