[CentOS] Problems with motherboard support? INTEL DP43BF

Tue Dec 28 11:37:11 UTC 2010
robert mena <robert.mena at gmail.com>

Hi John,

I agree that realtek are far from something we could cold call a good
product.   But I have similar setup (with different motherboard) working
without a flaw.

All your arguments are valid and worth investigating.

The local lan (eth0) is 100Mbits.  Both eth1 and eth2 are realtek (same

I'll have a look at the BIOS settings and removed the vga mode from grub and
make sure lm_sensors is installed.

Besides this I am not sure what else I could do.  The main question is am I
dealing with a falty component (motherboard, cpu, memory, NIC) or some other
OS/Software bug?

On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 1:59 AM, John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:

> On 12/27/10 9:09 PM, robert mena wrote:
> > Regular realtek fast ethernet.
> IMNSHO, realtek are pretty close to junk grade NICs.   they have far too
> many variations with far too many weird bugs when used for any more than
> single user desktop kind of systems.
> > Each one connected to a broadband modem (1 Mbps each) so I do not
> > think this should be a bus saturation.
> what speed is the local link to the modem?   even if your internet
> connection is 1Mbps, if your ethernet is running at 100baseT, that can
> be 10MB/sec bursts, and a few of those could potentially cause bus
> contention issues
> how fast is the LAN?    since the errors were on eth3 and eth4, I'm
> wondering what eth0, eth1, and eth2 are doing traffic wise.
> > I do not think this is a thermal problem due to the lack of messages
> > (I got this problem in the past with a different machine and I got
> > those overheating message - with the throttle but I'll investigate
> > further.
> >
> I wouldn't rely on that assumption.   Thermal monitoring might not be
> configured correctly for this board, etc etc.
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