[CentOS] Server unresponsive until reboot, memory exhausted

Tue Dec 28 21:41:24 UTC 2010
james <james at wintercastle.net>

>Do you have everything *else* updated? And what kind of web service
>are you running?

>There's a lot of third party freeware and commercial tools that was
>not written with any kind of resource management in mind, and which
>may require a simple web server restart on a regular baris to free
>memory. (MusicBrainz: I remember porting MusicBrainz.....)

Yes, all the packages are up to date. General web services -- static HTML, 
and the rest is mainly wordpress. 

You may be right about the restart, but I would like to know WHAT is 
crashing my web server regardless. We are not running any shiftily coded 
sites or apps on this server that I'm aware of (obviously something is 
shifty!). Is anyone aware of any other methods for drilling into the 

>Look in /var/log/http/*.

Yes, these are the web server logs I am referring to having checked. 

>Do you have a search engine scanning your web server?

Hmm, no, nothing systematic. The usual crawlers out there but nothing we 
are doing. 
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