[CentOS] appliance to embed Centos

Wed Dec 29 04:24:44 UTC 2010
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

Hi Nataraj,

Take a look at the Intel Atom platform. The D510MO & D945GCLF2D run
beautifully under CentOS and I've used both as firewalls in the past.
Another linux based firewall system I use has users reporting the two
boards above supporting AV, Content Filtering (proxy), etc on 50Mbps
FIOS connections down in the states.

If you want multiple onboard nics, the Jetway boards are also
supposedly decent. I've never used one but users from the same site
have reported sucess with these boards, and the optional 3x1GB nic
still fits within the ATX backplate.

Only downside to these boards, both Intel & Jetway, is they seem to
prefer Realtek chipsets onboard. Jetway I understand because of price
points. Intel I don't as the Pro/1000 is a rock solid nic. That said,
I've never had a problem with flaky drivers or hardware from Realtek.
Maybe I'm just lucky. :-)


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--Marie Curie