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Thu Dec 30 12:10:07 UTC 2010
Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com>

On 12/29/2010 01:23 AM, Nataraj wrote:
> On 12/28/2010 09:04 PM, Eero Volotinen wrote:
>> 2010/12/29 John R Pierce<pierce at hogranch.com>:
>>> On 12/28/10 1:55 PM, Nataraj wrote:
>>>> - fast enough to do openvpn encryption on WAN links ranging from 50mb
>>>> to 100mb
>>> THAT is a tough requirement.
>>> I was going to recommend the Alix boards.  they run pfSense really
>>> nicely, and should be able to run a stripped down centos install OK.
>>> with pfSense, you can boot from a CF card, so no HD at all.
>>> The Alix cards use a 433-500Mhz AMD Geode ultra-low power processor, on
>>> a 6x6 card.  they use 5 watts fully configured.
>>> but, 100Mbit/sec SSL encryption, ouch.    don't know.   you'd probably
>>> have to benchmark that.
>> you need hardware encryption hardware or core2duo like processor ..
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>> Eero
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> Then the Mac mini might be what I need performancewise.  I am also
> considering Dell R210's as I would really like an enterprise solution.
> Anyone have any experience with Habey?
> http://www.habeyusa.com/products.php?id=125#Menu=ChildMenu124 They have
> a wide selection of barebones Intel Atoms, including the 1.8Ghz  Intel
> D525's as well as Pentium 4's with broadcom ethernets and systems with
> up to 6 ethernets.  My sense is that I will still use some of these
> systems for firewall and management functions (i.e. firewalling Dell
> IDRAC6 cards) even if the encryption for the vpn has to run on a faster
> box.  50MB would probably be adequate.
> Thank you all for your responses.
> Nataraj

We use the following. It has hardware encryption in the EDEN Via processor.
We were able to get 22 mbits across an ipsec tunnel using AES encryption.
This more than enough unless you have a DS3 circuit.


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