[CentOS] Fwd: Linux, Windows AD domain, and IDs

Sat Dec 4 10:41:29 UTC 2010
Scott Ehrlich <srehrlich at gmail.com>

You have a CentOS (for example) workstation that is a member of a
Windows AD domain courtesy of modified smb.conf and krb5.conf files.
There are, thus, no local user accounts on the linux workstation.

There is a network application that benefits most (maybe even
requires) the user's numerical portion of their employee ID as their
linux workstation id.

Thus, if I log in, my domain username might be scott12.   My employee
ID might be se123456.    If I log into the linux workstation, I'm
going to log in as scott12 along with providing my password.    I type
id at the shell, and am given something like scott12 (10001) for the
user.    How can I manage to make the id [also] equal to 123456 for
user scott12 without breaking anything?

Thanks for any leads.