[CentOS] Google Picasa / GNOME / how to launch application?

Wed Dec 15 14:47:50 UTC 2010
Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com>

I had installed Picasa,apparently properly, but am unable to launch
the application. In the GNOME Desktop menu, Applications > Graphics >
Picasa > Picasa it does not launch. Reinstalled it and the same issue.

 picasa           i386           2.7.3736-15             google

It is installed in /opt/picasa

Box is CentOS 5.5 (32 bit) fully updated.

How can I get this app to launch from the GNOME Menu, or, what file do
I need to use, and where is that file, to make an Icon for Picasa on
the GNOME  Desktop?