[CentOS] # chkconfig: kill at run level 3

Sat Dec 4 21:25:43 UTC 2010
Keith Roberts <keith at karsites.net>

On Sat, 4 Dec 2010, Michael D. Berger wrote:

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> From: Michael D. Berger <m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [CentOS] # chkconfig: kill at run level 3
> On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:25:47 +0000, Keith Roberts wrote:
> [...]
>> Please see this old SuSE documentation for a good description of the
>> Linux boot process:
>> http://linuxmafia.com/linux/suse-linux-internals/part2.html
> [...]
> Will this SuSE documentation be correct for CentOS, which is RedHat?

Well I guess the answer is yes and no, depending on what you 
are refering to.

I gave you that link specifically for the boot process and 
how the /etc/init.d scripts figure in the boot process.

The boot process is *probably* the same for most flavours of 
Linux. Maybe somebody else on this list can comment on that?

If you understand how these scripts work, then you will have 
more success at modyfying them :)

The good thing about Fedora/RHEL/Centos is the chkconfig 
script, which does all the hard work of setting up each 
run-level script for you.

Under SuSE a few years ago, these scripts had to be delat 
with by hand, IIRC. I know there was no chkconfig on the 
versions of SuSE I was using ~ 9.2

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In theory, theory and practice are the same;
in practice they are not.

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