[CentOS] CentOS 6: what's the status?

Mon Dec 6 19:51:55 UTC 2010
James Chamberlain <jamesc at exa.com>

On Dec 6, 2010, at 2:31 PM, Boris Epstein wrote:

> Hello listmates,
> So, what's the story with CentOS 6? It is supposed to be out by now,
> or coming out soon, or so I heard - but yet there seems to be no
> mention of it at http://centos.org/ . Does anybody know what's up with
> that?
> Thanks.
> Boris.

Hello Boris,

According to the Rebuild/Release Process FAQ [1], a point release or  
update set should take 4-8 weeks to get out, +/- 2 weeks.  A new major  
version is expected to take longer.  Since RHEL 6 came out less than a  
month ago, it will be some time yet before CentOS 6 comes out.  I'm  
sure the build team is working hard on it, but they're not going to  
release it before it's ready.  If you need it sooner than that, you  
might want to look at RHEL.



[1] http://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/General/RebuildReleaseProcess