[CentOS] ntfs

Mon Dec 6 19:57:42 UTC 2010
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On Monday, December 06, 2010 02:41:46 pm John R Pierce wrote:
> On 12/06/10 11:12 AM, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > In a dual-boot scenario?
> ugh.   dual booting is a pain in the derriere.  use a VM if its for 
> software testing or whatever.

Some of us really do need to dual-boot, for whatever reason (mine is for audio production under OS X (until Harrison Mixbus is available in a Linux version) and everything else under Linux; OS X on VMware Workstation is to say the least unsupported.....).  And, in one of my posts, I mentioned that the interchange was for VM's between Linux VMware WorkStation and OS X WMware Fusion......yeah, you really can do that, I run WinXP/2000/7 and other things under both, and with pinned MAC addresses no activation complaints....

Is it ugly?  Sure; but it meets the need.