[CentOS] ntfs

Tue Dec 7 17:29:39 UTC 2010
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Mon, 6 Dec 2010, Niki Kovacs wrote:

> Robert Heller a écrit :
>> Will FAT support the larger external disks, such as the .5TB and larger?
> I read the replies to my previous posts, and I get your point, since I
> didn't know about the various limitations. It's probably due to the fact
> that we're 100% GNU/Linux here. I haven't booted Windows for work since
> before the time Windows XP came out (around 2001). The only time I get
> to "work" on Windows is usually to retrieve data before moving it to
> CentOS. As far as external hard disks are concerned, they're all ext3
> here. Whenever the odd non-Linux user has to exchange data with Linux
> here, he or she has to use a Samba share.
> So I admit my point of view is somewhat biased :o)

However one point you make is still valid. There is no alternative to NTFS 
nowadays if you need so share files between Windows and Linux. It is a 
shame there are not better Ext3/Ext4 drivers that integrate properly into 

Something similar to ntfs-3g must be easier to write for ext3 on Windows 
(as the ext3 format is well-known).

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