[CentOS] IPV4 is nearly depleted, are you ready for IPV6?

Tue Dec 7 18:13:50 UTC 2010
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 12/7/10 11:10 AM, Bowie Bailey wrote:

>> I have a route to his dsl router, which, assuming that the ipv4 and
>> ipv6 firewalls are as good at allowing/disallowing access, makes his
>> current ipv4 and his future ipv6 addresses equally accessible.
> I've been following the NAT debate here and something occurred to me.
> If you have an IPv4 network with NAT, an attacker doesn't need to know
> your internal IPs.  All he needs is the IP to your router.  NAT will
> nicely forward his packets along to whichever internal computer handles
> the port.

What port/computer would that be?  Most consumer routers default to not 
forwarding anything that is not related to prior outbound activity.

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