[CentOS] IPV4 is nearly depleted, are you ready for IPV6?

Tue Dec 7 19:11:54 UTC 2010
Ben McGinnes <ben at adversary.org>

On 7/12/10 8:33 PM, Christopher Chan wrote:
> Ah, I must pity you who have to live with what you've got in the United 
> States being under the rule of these tyrants. You guys probably can only 
> dream of getting a 100MB fibre connection for 13USD/mnth or a 1GB fibre 
> connection for 30 or so USD/mnth. I hesitate to keep the chaps in 
> Australia on the list to be pitied now that Telstra is being dismantled.

It's okay, soon we'll have a new monopoly to whinge about: NBN Co.  ;)

The real problem here is the quotas on broadband connections, although
that is in part due to the cost of hauling almost all the data
half-way around the globe.

The even more horrendous problem, which is so pervasive it affects
everyone, is the insistence on asymmetric connections.  Even when
Australia does get this fabled fibre-to-the-home, it still won't be
symmetric.  *sigh*


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