[CentOS] [OT]Asymmetric connections

Thu Dec 9 19:12:47 UTC 2010
Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko at gmail.com>

On Thursday 09 December 2010 11:00:58 Christopher Chan wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 08, 2010 11:11 PM, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > Or would you prefer paying kilobucks per month for a tariffed OC3/12/48
> > or Gigabit provisioned Metro E?  (that's all I can get, and it does cost
> > kilobucks to get it).
> Is this residential? One can get 1G symmetric fibre from HKBN for less
> than 30USD/mnth if you live in a block of apartments. See below. (Please
> note troll hat on my head)
> ----------------------
> FibreHome 1000 Basic Plan
> - installation fee waiver
>       ‧ Basic monthly fee	$199
>       ‧ Contract duration	24 months
>       ‧ Maximum bandwidth (local access)	1000Mbps Upload/Download
>       ‧ Maximum bandwidth (overseas access)	20Mbps Upload/Download
>       ‧ Installation fee	$0

Sorry, I fail to understand how is this a 1G link? It clearly says that you 
have only 20Mbps uplink to the rest of the world (I guess that's what 
"overseas" mean).

Granted, the cabling may be able to withstand a 1000Mbps throughput (for 
whatever "local" network may be). But it's not the same thing as having a real 
1G uplink, which would be much more expensive. Especially if it is symmetric.

Or have I misunderstood something here?

Btw, what part of the world are you in, geographically? That would probably 
clear up my understanding of "overseas" and "local" accesses... :-)

Best, :-)