[CentOS] Stripping silent periods from MP3s

Sun Dec 12 21:21:37 UTC 2010
Jorge Fábregas <jorge.fabregas at gmail.com>

On Sunday 12 December 2010 17:02:27 Keith Roberts wrote:
> I need to remove (or shorten to 5 seconds) any silent 
> sections throughout the Mp3 file - not just the beginning or 
> the end.

I usually do this in Audacity (graphical app) and the feature is called 
"Truncate Silence".  I'm not sure if you need to do this in a console app.

Also,  Audacity will uncompress your mp3 file to perform the edit which then 
you can export back to mp3 (transcode).  

I don't know of any app that will trim silence on MP3s in a lossless way.