[CentOS] OT: programming language for morons (newbie friendly language in Open Source world)

Tue Dec 14 10:11:22 UTC 2010
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Sven Aluoor <aluoor at gmail.com>

> I have more than 12 years experience with UNIX system  administration,
> but I am too stupid for programming. My only programming  experience is
> shell scripting. I tried to learn Java, but don't understand  it
> because it is too complicated for my limited brainpower.
> What  programming language should I learn?
> A friend said that C-Sharp (Mono) is  very simple. Is this true?

Depends on what you want to develop (web/system/...).
But if you want "simple": php, python, ruby, perl... logo... ;D
Free books: