[CentOS] monitoring a workstation

fabien faye fabien at faye.eu
Mon Feb 1 11:34:26 UTC 2010


For that you have a lot of solution : 

"top" or "vmstat 1" on the console for a global overview 
But if you need load and cpu utilisation per user you have to use ac.

Exemple :

ac -d -p
	ffaye                               12.86
Jan  6	total       12.86
	fwadmin                              0.00
	ffaye                                8.77
Jan  7	total        8.77
	ffaye                                0.24
Jan 19	total        0.24
	ffaye                                0.79
Today	total        0.79

If you want more information follow this link : http://generationip.com/documentation/system-documentation/113-howto-on-psacct-for-a-complete-monitoring-of-processus-and-users-activities-on-your-system

After that if you need to do that remotely and generate graph, take a look on cacti or nagios.

Best regards

Fabien FAYE
Free network tools & HOWTO for centos and Redhat

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I need to monitor a workstation (Centos 5 x86_64). 

I need to obtain informations about : 

- cpu utilization per user, per a period, how many days per user, 

Any ideas about a good and simple free tool ? 

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