[CentOS] VNC Questions

Warren Michelsen Warren at MDCCLXXVI.com
Mon Feb 1 18:58:05 UTC 2010

Fresh install of CentOS 5.4 (and my first experience with CentOS). 
Following install, the first thing I did was enable desktop sharing 
so that I can control this new 1U box from my Mac workstation.

The VNC client sees this as "Warren's remote desktop" but I'd like it 
to be more meaningful, as I have other remote desktops. Where in the 
user settings/prefs do I change the way this VNC server identifies 
itself? I'd like it to show the host name.

Since this installation will eventually go on line as a LAMP 
Internet server, I'd like my VNC sessions to be encrypted. I saw no 
place in the account settings for remote desktop to specify this.

Finally, I'd like VNC to be functional at boot, before I have logged 
in, so that I can log in to my user account via VNC. Once configured, 
this server will be located remotely. Can the VNC server be made to 
run at loot, rather than at log-in of my account?

Can these things be done with the existing standard VNC server or do 
I have to install something else via yum or some such?

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