[CentOS] VNC Questions

Warren Michelsen Warren at MDCCLXXVI.com
Tue Feb 2 01:44:46 UTC 2010


RE: 2.6.1 Testing with a java enabled browser
My java enabled browser (Safari) cannot connect.

RE: 2.6.2. Testing with a vnc client
I have vnc client 'Chicken of the VNC' which can connect but only to 
display 0 and then the response back from the CentOS box is glacial. 
 From My Mac workstation, I can see my CentOS GUI desktop and note 
that the on-screen pointer follows the Mac mouse quickly, albeit 
jerkily, but the view in my remote desktop viewer on my workstation 
takes 30-40 seconds to catch up with what happens on the CentOS box 
screen. I'm guessing it's a configuration issue.

Meanwhile, Mac OS's built-in Remote Desktop client connects just fine 
and the response is good.

RE: 3. VNC encrypted through an ssh tunnel
I have added the -localhost option to the VNCSERVERARGS in 

I cannot test the vncviewer as stated because it requires a viewer to 
use "vncviewer -via name@[IP_Address] localhost:1" and neither viewer 
that I have has anywhere to enter "-via" or "localhost:1".

When I connect using Apple's built-in screen sharing, I am warned: 
The computer "Warren's Remote Desktop" is running a VNC server that 
does not support Screen Sharing keystroke encryption. Do you want to 
continue connecting anyway?

This sounds like encryption is not in fact being used. Aside from 
adding the -localhost option to the VNCSERVERARGS in 
/etc/sysconfig/vncservers and restarting the vnc server, is anything 
else required to get ssh tunneling working?

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