[CentOS] subversion 1.6.9 and sqlite 3.6.22

Benjamin Franz jfranz at freerun.com
Wed Feb 3 01:01:58 UTC 2010

I'm in the process of setting up subversion and since the version 
packages with C5 is, shall we say, showing its age, I've built an 
updated version. In order to do that I had to upgrade sqlite from the 
default 3.3.6 (which the current subversion will not build with) and I 
went with 3.6.22. Has anyone else had any experience with whether or not 
that breaks anything? 

I'm a little nervous because sqlite is used all over the place (rpm, 
X11, apache, yum, selinux, system-config-*, various perl modules, gnome, 
gimp, php, and so on).

Benjamin Franz

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