[CentOS] Is it possible to run serial console redirection without xen kernel

premrajm at digilink.in premrajm at digilink.in
Wed Feb 3 06:30:37 UTC 2010


I have customized my centos Installation and removed the vitalization, 
Cluster and storage cluster support along 
with GUI support.I have enabled only server related packages.

Regarding serial console redirection,I have checked my serial cable,Ports 
and inittab and grub.conf configuration.Everything seems to be correct.I 
wanted to know that is it necessary to have a xen kernel 
(2.6.18-128xen.el5) installed although you may be booting through an base 
linux kernel (2.6.18-128.el5).Is there any package for serial redirection 
that could be necessary.I have installed setserial rpm.


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