[CentOS] Virtualization - what do You recommend?

Rainer Traut tr.ml at gmx.de
Wed Feb 3 09:47:14 UTC 2010

Am 03.02.2010 00:07, schrieb Kwan Lowe:
> back-end storage for the VMs so you can do snapshot backups. I'm
> awaiting support for memory de-duplication on the host side as this
> can really help cram more VMs into a box (my workloads are very light
> on memory/cpu but libraries/packages change daily).

You mean ksm aka kernel samepage merging?
This is already in el5.4 so for sure in Centos, too:

# lsmod |grep ksm
ksm                    51808  1
kvm                   223520  2 ksm,kvm_intel


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