[CentOS] kickstart installation from usb key

Georghy fusco at wanagain.net
Wed Feb 3 14:57:33 UTC 2010

John Doe a écrit :
> From: Georghy <fusco at wanagain.net>
>> Now I'm trying a simple task
>> i only want to install package wich are in the first cd-rom of CentOS 
>> (not my custom.iso), the official iso but I just want the package in the 
>> first CD
>> after that I'll use a script which install the other packages I wanted 
>> instead of doing it during installation
> Use:
>   %packages
>   @base
> But I don't know if base packages are all located on the first CD...
> Why not put all the CD isos (or DVD)?
> Is you usb key too small?
> JD
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My install work with these options and kickstart works too :)
but i got a probleme with grub
it seems that it doesn't write the good partition :(

In my kickstart file :

ignoredisk --drives=sdb
bootloader --driveorder=sdb,sda --location=mbr

but I think I wasn't right

it is :
bootloader --driveorder=sda,sdb --location=mbr

instead of :
bootloader --driveorder=sdb,sda --location=mbr

Cordialement, / Greetings,
Georghy FUSCO

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