[CentOS] Updating gfortran in CentOS 5.4?

Tony Schreiner schreian at bc.edu
Wed Feb 3 18:49:13 UTC 2010

On Feb 3, 2010, at 12:25 PM, Jon Forrest wrote:

> We're finding that several of the packages we
> need don't compile using the version 4.1.2 of
> gfortran that comes with CentOS 5.4. So,
> I've built the latest version of gfortran (e.g. 4.4.2)
> but I've done it so that all the new version's
> files go in /share/apps/gnu so that they
> don't interfere with the standard gcc distribution
> (building gfortran requires building some parts
> of gcc).


There is also a gcc44-gfortran rpm which is based on gcc 4.4.0. Would  
that help you?

Tony Schreiner
Boston College

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