[CentOS] best parallel / cluster SSH

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Feb 4 18:45:36 UTC 2010

Alan McKay wrote:

> I was actually going to start another "configuration management redux"
> thread as a follow up to a thread I started a few months ago.

As Les mentioned, it's far more common in that situation to use
ssh key authentication and a for loop, if your ssh key has a pass
phrase use a ssh agent.

I still use it quite often even though I do have a fairly extensive
cfengine setup, sometimes I need something done right now such
as a mass restart and can't wait for cfengine to run on each host.

If you have servers say

web01 -> web30

sample script to restart apache -

for i in `seq -w 1 30`; do ssh root at web${i} "/etc/init.d/httpd restart"; done


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