[CentOS] best parallel / cluster SSH

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Fri Feb 5 09:36:46 UTC 2010

> In (HPC) clustering pdsh is very popular. It's available in .tgz with
> spec-file and rebuilds nicely on c5 with rpmbuild -tb ...
>  https://computing.llnl.gov/linux/pdsh.html

Coming from the HPC world I've been a long time PDSH user. I believe it is
available in rpmforge, so there is no need to rebuild it if you don't want.

I highly recommend it.

In addition to the examples already cited, you can build a text file of
commonly used groups of nodes and just use that to point PDSH at.  If you
really, really want to get fancy you can... but for more advanced uses just
peek at the docs.


Geoff Galitz
Blankenheim NRW, Germany

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